GENOA – Giardini Marco e Dino Rossi in Corso Firenze

The collection of old sports shoes continues in Genoa: from the upcycling a new “Garden of Betty” is born at the Marco and Dino Rossi Gardens in Corso Firenze.

Eco-sustainability, recycling cycle, circular economy are topics that the citizens of Genoa demonstrate to know well and to support with their daily actions.
It is thanks to their attention to these issues that esosport, a project dedicated to the collection and recycling of used sports materials, inaugurated on 25th October 2018 a new “Garden of Betty”, made with the anti-trauma flooring obtained from the recycling of old sports shoes collected in the points located by AMIU on the territory and identifiable with the containers ESObox esosport run.

The initiative is part of the collaboration between ESO and AMIU, created to increase and enhance local initiatives to promote separate collection and to spread an environmental culture in favor of the cycle of recycling and sustainability.

The collection of old sports shoes, with the esosport project, has as its ultimate goal the generation of secondary raw material, which ESO Benefit Society has donated free of charge to the city for the construction of the anti-trauma flooring, about 70 square meters, the playground “Il Giardino di Betty”, located in the Giardini Dino and Marco Rossi in Corso Firenze.

The sense of this new realization, in addition to the importance of the birth of a new playground for children, is enriched by a strong educational message on the value of separate collection and represents a concrete case of circular economy.

The inauguration was attended by some classes of the Maria Mazzini Primary School of Genoa CastellettoCarla Zanoni, Andrea Grasso, Marco Addezzati, Luca Zane,  Alessandro Baldassarri and Nicolas Meletiou.