How esosport run works

Ricicla le tue scarpe e costruisci la tua strada

Grazie a esosport®, le scarpe esauste hanno una destinazione diversa dalla discarica.
Esosport bag è il sacchetto dedicato alla raccolta delle scarpe a fine vita.
Utilizzando l’apposita striscia.
Trova il punto raccolta più vicino a te. Così renderai il tuo sport ancora più rispettoso dell’ambiente.
Consegna le tue scarpe esauste nei punti di raccolta

esosport run is the first and only sports shoe recycling project in Italy and Europe today.

Thanks to the exosport bag old shoes can easily be placed in the ESObox recycled cardboard containers installed at the points set up with the civil service (schools, play and recreational areas, sports facilities, stores, etc.) with which specific agreements have been stipulated.

The ultimate goal of the initiative, following a careful process by which the shoe sole is separated from the upper, is the creation of a secondary raw material which, through  the GOGREEN Onlus Association, is donated to the civil services for the construction of Betty’s Gardens, dedicated to Elisabetta Salvioni Meletiou, and Pietro’s Tracks, a project dedicated to Pietro Mennea.

So what are you waiting for? Give your old sports shoes another chance!
Whether sneakers, running shoes or even flip-flops, the important thing for the recycling process is that the sole is made of rubber.

Do your part to activate a circular economy process.

The environment will thank you!