GENOA – Via delle Campanule, Quarto Alta

AMIU’s collaboration with ESO on the esosport project continues with the announcement of a new redevelopment initiative on Monday May 29, 2017, in Via delle Campanule at Quarto Alta.

The Genoese people, increasingly attentive to waste separation and the subjects of sustainability and recycling, continue to faithfully donate their old sports shoes by dropping them into the containers that AMIU, thanks to an agreement with ESO, has installed at 30 collection points around the city.

The ultimate aim of the collection, following a careful recycling process, is the generation of a secondary raw material, donated to the city by the ESO Benefit Corporation for the construction of a “Betty’s Garden” in Via delle Campanule, a 90 m² playground with a clear ecological and educational message for children.

This is the 6th Betty’s Garden in Genoa, and another tangible example of circular economy: instead of ending up as landfill old shoes are collected in special containers to be recycled for the benefit of the community, and used to make safety surfacing for the district’s playground.