GENOA – Park of Villa Doria

Monday June 20, 2016  – at the Park of Villa Doria at Genoa Pegli a new “Betty’s Garden” opened, made from the collection and recycling of the sports shoes of the Genoa people. Thanks to an agreement with AMIU, which installed in various parts of the city ESOboxes and esosport run containers for the collection of shoes, Liguria’s third “Betty’s Garden” was created in an exceptionally beautiful park dating back to 1548, characterised by lush vegetation featuring oaks, conifers and exotic plants. Among those attending were Mauro Comely, President of the VII Ponente Municipality, Luca Zane, Communications Manager of AMIU Genoa, Italo Porcile, Councillor for the Environment of the Municipality of Genoa, the children of the pre-school and Nicolas Meletiou.