How esosport bike works

Each year in Italy around 2 million tyres and around 2 million bicycle inner tubes are thrown away as unsorted waste, corresponding to approximately 1,050 tons/year.

esosport bike was founded for the purpose of collecting and recycling old bicycle tyres and inner tubes which, if properly recycled, can be reused as secondary raw materials in the creation of safety surfacing for the playgrounds and athletics tracks featured in the non-profit projects  “Betty’s Garden” and “Pietro’s Track”.

The initiative is aimed at bicycle stores, bike sharing and local councils concerned about correctly managing this type of waste and helping to reduce its accumulation in landfills.

Participation in the initiative includes the delivery of the esosport bike starter kit for the collection of worn out inner tubes and tyres.

The Starter kit consists of:

  • 1 axle (h 2 metres) with crowner for tidy tyre collection
  • esosport bike ESObox for the collection of inner tubes (measures 80x60x60 cm)
  • 500 leaflets explaining the project, to give out to customers
  • 20 esosport bike keyrings
  • 20 esosport bike bottles
  • 2 window transparencies for stores

The esosport bike service takes care of collecting and transporting the inner tubes and tyres from the store to the storage centre, prior to the subsequent recovery of their material.

The ultimate goal of the initiative, following a careful process by which the rubber of the inner tubes and tyres is shredded, is the creation of a secondary raw material which, through  the GOGREEN Onlus Association, is donated to the civil services for the construction of Betty’s Gardens, dedicated to  Elisabetta Salvioni Meletiou, and Pietro’s Tracks, a project dedicated to Pietro Mennea.

The environment will thank you!